15 Reasons to Date a Nurse

Your crush is a nursing assistant. We state prevent nursing that crush — pardon the pun — and inquire him/her !

Listed here are 15 reasons why you should date a nurse:

1. Nurses tend to be thoughtful and patient, and are usually frequently great audience.

2. Nurses are super-smart. If you’re into both brains and charm, your big date can provide.

3. Tired of breastfeeding that hangover? Leave an authentic nursing assistant work their feel-better miracle.

4. Nurses have experienced figures of most shapes and sizes — and witnessed every sorts of bodily function possible. Your insecurities and the body quirks will more than likely keep your go out unfazed.

5. No wishing in-line. You will get an easy prognosis each time you believe within the weather.

6. The consistent. It isn’t really only sexy on Halloween. (Translation: those scrubs just look thus sweet and comfortable.)

7. Amazing nerves. Nurses stay peaceful and collected in pretty stressful situations. You need to be dating a nurse in times of crisis and disorder.

8. Nurses function extended hours. If you desire a tiny bit alone time, a nursing assistant’s crazy timetable might fit you just good. (In addition, with strange hrs come odd go out times.  Monday mid-day might become the brand new monday night.)

9. Nurses make great future parents. No stress or any such thing.

10. You’re going to be secure. Date a nurse and you’ve had gotten instant access to CPR, protection information and disease-prevention ideas.

11. Awesome “just how was actually your day?” tales. Nurses have actually endless tales of patient and/or medical practitioner crisis.

12. You will start to understand the health jargon on your favored medical dramas.

13. Nurses will love your considerate motions. They give to others all the time and will typically feel unappreciated.

14. Nurses comprehend selflessness, one of the key elements to a wholesome connection.

15. Your own go out preserves lives. That is brag-worthy.


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